Publications, Presentations, and Works in Progress



  • “Gradually adaptive frameworks: Reasonable disagreement and the evolution of evaluative systems in music education.” Philosophy of Music Education Review (in press, 2013).
  • “Making the grade: Using rubrics as an assessment tool in the music class.” Florida Music Director, 65(8), 10-12, (2012).


  • Everyone Can Improvise! Strategies for Incorporating Improvisation in the Traditional String Ensemble. Presentation to the American String Teachers Association National Conference. Louisville, KY. (forthcoming, March 2014).
  • Do They Know What They Look Like? Research-Based Conceptualizations of Teaching Styles and Teaching Behaviors. Research and Best Practices Poster Session for the Society for Music Teacher Education. Greensboro, NC. (forthcoming, September, 2013).
  • Teaching Improvisation in the School Ensemble or Instrumental Studio. Presentation for the Florida Music Educators Conference. Tampa, FL. (11 January 2013).
  • Strategies for teaching improvisation for teachers of traditional ensembles and instrumental studios. Workshop presented to the University of Miami Undergraduate Forum. Coral Gables, FL. (8 February 2013).

Works in Progress

  • “Affluence of spirit” revisited: The continuing musical lives of past participants of the El Sistema music program in Venezuela. Research project in progress.
  • Developing student musicianship through improvisation in the instrumental ensemble. Research-based practitioner paper in progress.
  • Toward a critical discourse in the curriculum of collegiate schools of music. Philosophy paper in progress.
  • The metaphysics of Henri Bergson and connections to the developing aesthetic of Impressionism in turn of the century Paris. Philosophy paper in progress.