Stanley Haskins is a music educator with experience teaching students from prekindergarten through graduate school. Mr. Haskins is currently a candidate (A.B.D.) for the Ph. D. in music education at the University of Miami’s Frost School of Music.

He holds the degree of Master of Science in education from Brooklyn College (CUNY), as well as a Bachelor of Music in performance from Berklee College of Music. He is a certified music teacher in the state of New York with nine years of full-time public school teaching experience in New York City and Newburgh, NY, and has taught in after-school and part-time consulting positions in both private and public settings in Miami, FL.

As a practicing teacher, Mr. Haskins has multiple areas of expertise and interest, including:

  • beginning and intermediate string groups
  • string outreach programs and involvement of non-traditional learners
  • directing all levels of orchestra
  • beginning string pedagogy
  • improvisation
  • playing and teaching double bass in a variety of settings
  • teacher education
  • research and theory related to teaching and teacher education

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